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2013 National Indigenous Legal Conference Report

CAALAS hosted the very successful National Indigenous Legal Conference in October, 2013. The theme of the conference was 'Atnengkerre Atherre Akwete' which is Arrernte for 'Two Laws Together'. Delegates from all over Australia attended the Conference to explore this theme and discuss issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living throughout remote Australia. The Conference received significant media coverage. The final report on the conference is available here.

CAALAS thanks the delegates, speakers and sponsors of the conference for their support. 


Cognitive impairment

At the 2013 Criminal Lawyers Association of the Northern Territory's conference, CAALAS delivered a paper on the flawed criminal justice response to lower level offending behaviour by people with a cognitive impairment in the Northern Territory.

The invisible client: people with cognitive impairments in the Northern Territory’s Court of Summary Jurisdiction

Racial discrimination 

Shanna Satya, CAALAS, and Ruth Bella Barson, NAAJA, wrote a paper on the overrepresentation of Aboriginal youth in detention and alcohol-related offences in the Northern Territory for the Australian Indigenous Law Review Journal. Read it here.

Other publications 

Mandatory sentencing 

CAALAS is part of a campaign called Making Justice Work in the Northern Territory. The Making Justice Work campaign advocates for evidence-based criminal justice policy. It opposes the new mandatory sentencing laws in the Northern Territory because mandatory sentencing is both ineffective and unfair. Find out more by reading the fact sheets below, or visiting

Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Scheme

The Alcohol Mandatory Treatment Scheme has commenced in Alice Springs. CAALAS has created a fact sheet on the legislation introducing the scheme.

We also wrote a joint submission with NAAJA and NTLAC opposing the scheme. You can read it here.