Kings Canyon National Park

Community Legal Education

We provide legal education to Aboriginal communities in Central Australia. We also develop legal education resources, undertake outreach and carry out community development work to increase Central Australian Aboriginal people's understanding of the legal system and the relationship between customary and Australian law.

What we offer

  1. Legal education on a range of legal topics, adapted to suit local communities;
  2. Resources to improve remote communities' understanding of Australian law;
  3. Education to allow remote communities to understand how customary law can coexist with Australian law and cannot override legal and human rights;
  4. Education and mentoring to community members on their legal rights and responsibilities through community development activities;
  5. The improvement of community understanding of legal rights and responsibilities through engagement with local media; and
  6. The preparation of submissions, articles and reports for presentation at conferences and public forums.


Check out some of the resources we have developed on the Learn About the Law page.

CAALAS welcomes community input on the resources we have developed and on the types of issues you would like us to address in our community legal education.

We'll come to you

We would like to be invited by your organisation or the elders in your community to come and deliver legal education workshops. 

We look forward to hearing from you!