Kings Canyon National Park

Community outreach

CAALAS runs regular community legal education workshops, clinics and events in town and in remote communities and also attends bush court sittings.

Remote Outreach Service

We organise scheduled visits to remote communities to improve community understanding of legal issues through formal and informal clinics and workshops. Community members are encouraged to approach CAALAS staff in community to discuss legal issues and receive advice and education.

Contact us to find out when we will be visiting your community or to arrange a visit.

Above: community outreach at Mt Liebig.

Alice Springs workshops, clinics 

We run regular community legal education workshops and clinics in Alice Springs for schools, the prison, health services and other community organisations. 


CAALAS often hosts or gets involved in community events, such as NAIDOC week, Alice Springs Show, Tennant Creek show and community bbqs. We provide community legal education and information about CAALAS' services at these events. Find out about upcoming events on our events page.

Tanya Pass, former CLE lawyer, at a community legal education BBQ held by CAALAS in Mutijulu