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Youth Justice Advocacy Program

The Youth Justice Advocacy Program is currently staffed by a part-time Program Coordinator. Antoinette Carroll, who provides court support, coordination and case work services to young people charged with a criminal offence. 

The Youth Justice Advocacy Program recognises that kids often get into trouble because they are struggling to deal with very difficult life circumstances, including issues relating to family breakdown and violence, poverty, drug and alcohol problems, homelessness, mental health problems and disengagement from school.  Our youth justice program works closely with the young person, their family, community, lawyer, school and other service-providers to provide the young person with the support they need to get back on track and stay out of trouble. 

The Program Coordinator, Antoinette Carroll, was a finalist for a 2014 National Children's Law Award - Outstanding Contribution To Policy Or Law Reform. CAALAS congratulates Antoinette on her nomination, and thanks her for her tireless work advocating for children and young people in Central Australia. 

The Youth Justice Advocacy Program is currently funded through a grant from the Law Society's Public Purposes Trust.