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Civil Law

Our Civil Law practice is here to help people who believe they have not been treated fairly or suffered loss and/or injury in some way. Civil Law issues can have a significant impact on people’s day to day lives and our focus is on resolving legal issue as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As an opposing party in a Civil case may be another person, an organisation, company or government department. CAALAS can help make complaints, claim for compensation and appear at some courts and tribunals in the following types of matters:

  • Personal Injury;
  • Police complaints;
  • Seized vehicles;
  • Social security;
  • Discrimination;
  • Work health;
  • Tenancy;
  • Crimes victims assistance;
  • Consumer law;
  • Motor vehicle accident compensation;
  • Employment Law;
  • Debt;
  • Unlawful imprisonment; and
  • Public Trustee matters.

CAALAS holds Civil Law advice clinics in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek. Solicitors also travel regularly to remote communities to provide assistance.

You can call or come in any time to make an appointment. 

Senior civil solicitor, Jonathan McCarthy, setting up for an advice clinic in Santa Teresa.

Learn about the law 

Do you want to learn more about a civil law problem? Visit our Learn about the Law page. We have a great range of resources and we're always adding more.